Yo-Toto Food Drive - SUCCESS & GROWING!

"My dream for my community is to see young children growing up so happy, so healthy, because I believe that nutrition and education work well together." (Lillian, founder of Yo-Toto)

In April, the Yo-Toto food drive was launched to help Lillian make that dream come true. Since then, 955 children in Kibera schools have been provided these nutritious organic yogurts. They are rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B, potassium, magnesium and pro-biotic cultures.

Thank you to all that have donated so far!

The yogurt was such a success that the schools and Lillian are working out a subsidized program to provide the yogurts on an on-going basis. This will help ensure the kids get proper nutrition day to day. Help us continue to make this possible by donating here.

Details on Schools & # of Yogurts received as of 14, May, 2018:

  • Jamy: 56

  • Bethel: 100

  • Brainstorm (Day 1): 467

  • Care Day Care: 15

  • Catherine's Pre School:17

  • Brainstorm (Day 2): 300