Support Learning and Livehoods during Covid-19

Join us as we unite to tackle the impact of COVID-19 in Kenya. We are raising funds to support families’ continued learning and livelihoods. For only 2,500ksh (25$) you can help 100 households gain holistic support. Parents get help to adapt and grow their businesses. Children get engaging and fun learning activities. All of this will be delivered via a text message chatbot, at no cost to families. Help children continue learning and parents grow their businesses.


As businesses and schools close across the country, maintaining continued access to income-generating activities and learning material has become an immense challenge for households. Over 80% of jobs in Kenya are in the informal economy and many families are struggling to make ends meet. The majority of these households have limited access to E-learning and few have the bandwidth to take on the dual responsibility of providing for livelihoods and learning to become teachers for their children.

How do we support those with minimal resources and limited internet to continue to earn and learn across the country?


Somo, Arifu and Metis are together creating tools to help families maintain livelihoods and continue learning from home. This content will be delivered through an innovative chatbot on Arifu’s platform via text message & Whatsapp.

Parents will be equipped with the skills to continue their businesses while also supporting learning at home. Children will grow their critical thinking, communication and creativity. Together we can create a future with more opportunities for all! Tuko Pamoja.

Long-Term Impact

Our shared vision to ensure all families have the opportunity to thrive and succeed is core to our collective COVID response. The project will benefit 200,000 households.

And it doesn’t end there! They’ll have the tools they need to prosper during and beyond the pandemic. Our content will provide additional lessons that help small businesses be more successful long-term. As well, our home learning content will help parents take a more active role in their childrens’ education.


Here are ways you can help:

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Together we can create a future with more opportunities for all! Tuko Pamoja (We are together).

Thank you for your continuous support!