How to test purity of honey:

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

There has been an influx of adulterated honey in the market. Thanks to Ayur Mantra, we have the following tests to tell the purity of honey :

Method 1

Put 1 spoon of honey in room temperature water.


  • Pure honey added to water at room temperature does not dissolve. It settles at the bottom without making any bubbles.

  • Impure honey or sugar mixed honey dissolves immediately.

  • Impure honey changes the color of water.

  • Pure honey mixed with water stay the same.

  • Pure honey even if kept for a long time will never crystallize.

Method 2

Soak the cotton in honey and light the cotton.


  • Pure honey causes the cotton to burn smoothly.

  • Impure honey with water or a coarse dark brown sugar made by evaporation of the sap of palm trees, is difficult to burn.

Method 3

Drop some honey on tissue paper or a cotton cloth. Observation:

  • Pure honey stays without changing.

  • Impure honey may absorb.

You can now compare pure and impure honey in these few steps at home. Be aware of impure honey and enjoy the health benefits of pure honey. At Pop Up Shop Kenya we have tested and confirmed that PurYSeth is pure, organic honey. Have it on your dinning table, click: