How to tell if your peanut butter is natural:

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

These days, grocery store shelves are stocked with non-natural peanut butter. Companies add stabilizers like Palm Oil in order to prevent separation of the natural oils and to maintain the creamier texture. They also tend to add sugar and corn syrup to sweeten.

But at what cost?

Palm oil not only bad for you due to it’s high saturated fats, it is also harmful for the environment (One Green Planet). Sugar and corn syrup contribute to heart disease and obesity (Healthline).

So how do you tell if your peanut butter has only wholesome, natural ingredients like peanuts and salt?

  1. Check the label’s ingredients - Be careful of just seeing words like “natural” as those terms are not well regulated. Dig deeper and look at the ingredients.

  2. See if your peanut butter separates overtime - Natural peanut butter is not homogenized, and a layer of peanut oil will form on top. All you need to do is stir and you are right back to creamy perfection. No palm oil needed.

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