Episode 7: Interview with Bernard- Vessels Music School

Updated: May 13, 2020

Growing up in Kibera, Bernard faced a lot of challenges growing up. Oftenly, he found himself doing things that he was not proud of to be able to feed himself and his siblings. After a while, he started looking into which gift he had that would tap into. That is how he started singing. However, not everyone believed in him but he pushed on and after high school he decided to take things further. He went for further training from a friend.

After a while singing in various churches and performing gigs, |Bernard was inspired to start Vessels Music Academy, a music school that trains kids and youths in Kibera how to play various music instruments at subsidized cost. The school also scholarships to students who cannot afford the fees.

In this episode of the Visionary Podcast, Veronica (host) sits down with Bernard to discuss more about his story, his experience so far running the school, how he is handling any challenges related to running the business and his advice to other fellow entrepreneurs. He says that one of the key lessons he has learnt is that when you have a vision, not everyone will be for it, therefore you have to believe in yourself and be willing to do all it takes to fulfill the vision.

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