Episode 3: Interview with Johnstone -Ufanisi Power

Power Blackouts! Yes power blackouts is a word that most residents of Kibera are familiar with.

In most areas of Kibera and other informal areas, power rationing and vandalization of power lines causes regular power disruptions which causes irregular light in homes and closing if businesses that depends on electricity to run for instance barbershops and salons, local cinemas.

After being forced to close his first business of a movie shop due to constant power outages, Johnson was inspired to start ufanisi power, with the idea to develop different alternative. Power solutions that would be clean and affordable to the residents of Kibera and other informal areas.

“Ufanisi power has helped many businesses and homes to access affordable power and street lighting which has enabled easy operations of businesses and security. Our power has also reduced cost of electricity bills for many people in Kibera and beyond”. Johnson mentions in the podcast.

Johnson advises that for anyone running or want to start a business, they should understand that business needs time to grow thus they should have patience. Additionally, if you want to start a business,you should first take time to study you pr market and know the amount of capital that will take to start and grow the business you want to start.

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