Episode 12: Interview with Allan -Portable Voices

In 2006, Allan (founder) was hit by a ball while playing football in school. After several checkups, he was allowed to proceed with his studies as he continued using the medicine and glasses to reduce the light intensity.

Fast forward to 2016, Allan was given a job to teach at a school in Kibera where he had been trained. During his teaching, he was expected to do research and so he faced the same challenges of not being able to read or watch videos for long. Thankfully, this time he came across business podcasts that he started listening and immediately realized that he was able to learn through the audio. He started using them in class to teach too. However, the problem was that he could not get podcasts done locally on the same topics.

It was then on that virtue of missing out and lack of locally made contents that inspired the start of PortableVoices with the help of several of his friends. PortableVoices has since been dedicated to producing content with local perspectives that will not only entertain and engage our audience but also inform and enrich lives across the world while enabling international audiences understand African history and current Affairs.

In this episode of The Visionary Podcast, Allan shares the story further, how his journey has been creating podcasts and the future of podcasting in Kenya and Africa.

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