Episode 1: Interview with Caroline - WeeCare Day Care

One of the difficulties of a parent especially single parents is leaving their child behind to go to work, school or travel.

After observing that various women in Kibera were leaving their babies behind in insecure conditions and hearing so many cases of lost babies, Caroline was inspired to start a daycare that would be a safe haven for kids aged between 3 months to 4 years and enable parents especially mothers to go to work or travel without worrying about the security and well-

being of their babies.

Since starting of WeeCare Daycare Center, Caroline adds that the daycare has been able to reduce cases of children getting lost, reduced roaming of children and raping of young girls Additionally, she adds that parents especially young mothers, no longer have to leave their children closed inside the house due to lack of funds to employee a nun or housekeeper thus has reduced cases of Kids dying inside the house in case of accidents like fire or children staying for the whole day without being fed.

Following her consistent and persistent efforts in growing WeeCare Day Care from just 3 children and one caregiver in 2015 to the current population of 50 children, 4 caregivers, 1 teacher, Caroline recently won the 2019 growth grant from SOMO Africa making her first the first entrepreneur to win the newly introduced grant.

Caroline advises anyone who would like to start a daycare that they should do it out of passion and love for children and should also have an interest in serving children in addition to wanting to make a living.

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