Our Entrepreneurs

BountyNut Peanut Butter

The Inspiration: Noticing a lack of organic and affordable protein sources in her community of Mathare, Rose decided to begin producing peanut butter. She now is looking to expand her business, enter into supermarkets and create more jobs for people in her community.

The Product: Today, BountyNut Peanut Butter sells three sizes of organic peanut butter, each made with only two ingredients: salt and peanuts.

PuriYSeth Honey

The Inspiration:  Seth and Purity grew up watching their parents produce honey from beehives in their own backyard. Now living in Githurai, they noticed that organic honey was hard to come by. Using lessons from their childhood, they decided to start PurYSeth. They see honey as an important, healthy food staple that all should have access to.


The Product:  PurYSeth harvests their honey in Purity and Seth’s home county of Kitui. Here, they carefully separate the honey from the wax inside the beehives then send it to Githurai where it is packaged and distributed.

Yo-Toto Yoghurt

The Inspiration: Lillian began making yoghurt for her children in 2014 due to the high prices of other commercial yoghurt brands available in stores. She went on to co-found Yo-Toto with her husband, Collins, which sells organic yoghurt at affordable prices to families and schools in Nairobi.


The Product:  Yo-Toto Yoghurt is made without preservatives, using probiotic cultures and fruit-based natural flavours. It is rich in protein, calcium, Vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium and improves both digestion and the immune system. Available in strawberry and vanilla, Yo-Toto Yoghurt makes a perfect school snack or quick and healthy breakfast for working parents.

Afya Fortified Flour

The Inspiration: Doreen creates a nutritious flour to provide low income mothers an affordable way to include key vitamins, calcium and whole grains in their kids’ diets.  She was inspired to start Afya Flour after witnessing families in her community of Korogocho have high levels of malnutrition.


The Product: The flour Doreen creates is used to make traditional Kenyan porridge and ugali. Ingredients include red and white soghum, pure finger millet, milk and amaranthus.

Potter's Briquettes

The Inspiration:  Throughout his time in Kibera, Abraham has witnessed the deforestation and health problems caused by coal. Hoping to create a more sustainable fuel source for low-income households and reduce pollution in informal settlements, he founded Potter’s Briquettes.

The Product: Potter’s Briquettes are made of waste products and sugarcane remains. Not only do his briquettes cause less environmental harm than coal but they are also cheaper, longer lasting, and less damaging to users’ health.

Lookslike Avido Bags

The Inspiration: Seizing the opportunity with Kenya’s recent plastic bag ban, David created trendy reusable shopping bags out of recycled Kitenge fabric. David’s broader line is inspired by the streets of Kibera, and his desire to share his home fashions with people around the world.


The Product: Today, Lookslike Avido sells durable bags in 2 sizes and creates custom clothing.

Faith's Sack Bags

The Inspiration: Working at her neighborhood market in Githurai, Faith saw the potential to turn excess rice sacks into durable, cost effective shopping bags. These make practical packaging bags for businesses and fashionable reusable bags for customers.


The Product: Currently available in two sizes, small & medium.

Mwangaza Candles

The Inspiration: 5 years ago, when Josephine was unemployed, a friend taught her how to make candles. Candles are a necessity in Nairobi given the frequent power outages. She now sells her own candles and trains other single or unemployed women to do the same.

The Product: Mwangaza Candles come in variety of colors, shapes, and scents. Made from recycled wax, they are a sustainable light source.

Michelle's Organic Soap

The Inspiration: Michelle, frustrated by harsh, ineffective skin products turned to Africa's natural resources of Coconut Oil, Shea butter and Aloe to make soap and body butter. Now Kibera citizens can treat themselves to healthy, glowing skin at affordable prices.


The Product: Available in bar form and liquid. Customized orders available for specific skin needs.

AfriKnit Dolls

The Inspiration: Susan, a trained tailor, and her partner, Meshack, created AfriKnit Dolls to address the lack of African-inspired dolls available in Nairobi. By using fabric waste from local tailors, Susan and Meshack are able to create a sustainable and affordable product. They later hope to train and employ vulnerable youth in their community.


The Product:  Made of African print fabric and colored yarn, AfriKnit Dolls are flexible, soft, and more durable than plastic dolls. The dolls come in a variety of customizable colors and patterns.

El-Elyon Educational Toys

The Inspiration: Leo, seeing the need for affordable educational toys, created stuffed letters, animals and numbers to help children learn.  The proceeds subsidize the rates of her daycare she is opening, allowing her to provide a reliable, affordable childcare service for working parents.

The Product: Handmade with love out of African prints, these are great for precocious toddlers AND decorating children’s rooms.  Available in giraffes, dinosaurs, numbers and letter shapes.

Hadassa Diapers

The Inspiration: Esther started Hadassa to provide a better alternative to the high cost, chemical filled diapers found in Nairobi. These reusable diapers are pocket friendly, safe, and great for the environment.


The Product: Hadassa diapers are one size fits all! Adjustable buttons allow you to find the perfect fit while your baby grows.

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