What does Somo stand for?

Somo is not an acronym but a Swahili word meaning lesson.

Somo means learning lessons.


Where are your offices located?

We have two hubs in Nairobi, one in Kibera and the other in Kayole, In Kisumu, we are located in Nyalenda. We are soon launching our Mombasa hub, for now, classes are online 


We also have a production facility in Githurai that might also be used for training.

How can I get in touch with Somo

Email us on or call our office numbers

Kibera Office- 0798985151

Kayole Office-0768825370

Kisumu Office

Mombasa Office


What is the procedure to join Somo?

Step 1: Apply to Become an Entrepreneur

Step 2: Applicants shortlisting from the team

Step 3: Shortlisted applicants attend Business Plan workshops and interviews

Step 4: Interviews are conducted

Step 4: Successful trainees start the 12 weeks Buruka training

Step 5: Trainees pitching and graduation from Buruka on the last 12th week of the program

Step 6: Trainees Business Plan judging process commences

Step 7: Entrepreneurs’ Investment announcement

Step 8: Entrepreneurs attend Acceleration Onboarding

Step 9: Access to Inuka, Chanuka and Somo Duka


Is there an age limit to become an entrepreneur at Somo

We work with entrepreneurs from age18 onwards since it's a requirement to provide your National ID when you register a business and open a bank account.


How do we define a social impact business?

We define social impact according to the

  • Employment Demographic i.e single parents, women, at risk group employed,

  • Education i.e vocational/technical training for underserved groups, hours of education, scholarships provided and number of school partnered with

  • Health i.e Number of individuals trained on health-related topics, the amount of healthy food production, number of new clients introduced to health-related products/service and the number of organizations partnered with.

  • Environmental i.e clean energy substitution, water saved, sustainable agriculture, and waste reduced

What makes you different from any other accelerator in Nairobi?

What is unique about Somo is the holistic approach we take, the demographic we target, and the long-term commitment we make to entrepreneurs. We do not only trai,but we mentor,advise as well as fund by provision of tools to implement your idea.


What opportunities do you offer?

Become an Entrepreneur

Become an Advisor

Become a Fellow

Become a Supporter

Am interested in volunteering at Somo, how can I sign Up?

Apply to Become an Advisor or Become a Fellow through our website